Types of Betting in Sic Bo Game

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Sic bo is an oriental casino dice game and it is the most popular among the other casino games. Since it is an oriental casino game, sic bo is hugely popular in Asia to get better winnings. The name sic bo itself is taken from Chinese which means dice pair. In sic bo, the players play by using three dices on the table which has the layout related to the bets. Thus, knowing the types of betting in sic bo game is a must since it is also related to sic bo strategy.

Types of Betting in Sic Bo Game

Types of Betting in Sic Bo Game

Types of Betting in Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo Bets

There are seven classification of bet types with different odds and possibilities. Moreover, different bets also offer different payout. The seven bets in sic bo are follows:

  1. Big or Small Bet

Big bet is placed in the big value of the three dice. The big value itself is 11 to 17 while the small bet is on small value which is 4 to 10. In big or small bet, the payout is 1 to 1.

  1. Odd or Even Bet

The betting works when the three dice has the value either even or odd. Same with big or small bet, this bet also has the payout of 1 to 1.

  1. Triple Bet

This kind of betting is placed on the same number of three dices which land on the table. There are only six possible bet like 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and also 666. This betting has a high payout for 150 to 1.

  1. Any Triple Bet

Different with triple bet, any triple bet works for any triple number. It means, it is not about having the same value of three dice. However, compared to the triple bet, the payout in any triple bet is only 24 to 1.

  1. Double Bet

Double bet works similarly as triple bet yet double bet only has two same number dices. It wins as long as the dice is the correct double. This bet has the payout of 8 to 1.

  1. Two Dice Combinations

Two dice combinations work for the next roll with two exact dice, for instance 1 & 3, 2 & 4, etc. It has 15 possible combinations and the player win the game if the chosen numbers are drawn. Two dice combinations pays 5 to 1.

  1. Any Number Bet

The last type of sic bo betting is any number betting. It is a betting of single number among 1 to 6. The player wins the game if the following rolled dice is in the correct number. Mostly, the player will win 1 to 1 for a match, 2 to 1 for two matches, and last is 3 to 1 for all the three dice match.

Those are seven types of betting in sic bo game. Moreover, one of the best strategy in winning sic bo and importance of online casino is finding the most appropriate bet. So, knowing the types of bet is necessary before playing sic bo.