Try Your Luck and Play Slot Games Offered by BETSOFT

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Ran out good slot games to play with? Try your luck and play slot games offered by BETSOFT. This provider is well-known as one of the best slot providers with quality graphics and have the advantages of mobile slot and gameplay. There are many recommended games to play from BETSOFT. For the best games, check our list below.

Try Your Luck and Play Slot Games Offered by BETSOFT

Try Your Luck and Play Slot Games Offered by BETSOFT

Try Your Luck and Play Slot Games Offered by BETSOFT

  • Rook’s Revenge

BETSOFT always have the best 3D graphics when it comes to slot games. Rook’s Revenge doesn’t escape from its latch. In fact, this game may have the best graphics among BETSOFT slots! With beautiful animation and sound effects, this game will bring the best online slot gambling experience for you. Plus, Rook’s Revenge have fair amount of multiplier and bonus. You can get free spins with the appearance of golden masks in the first three reels. In the free spin session, bettors have chance to win more by raising bigger multiplier as exploding symbol appears.

  • A Christmas Carol

Inspired by one of Charles Dickens’ best seller, this game also has amazing quality. The graphics don’t lie – anybody can easily compare it to Rook’s Revenge and will not feel dissatisfied. What’s interesting is their ghost features. There are three ghosts; yellow ones represent future Christmas, blue represent past Christmas, and green symbolize present Christmas. The future and past ones will give bettors free spins, while present ones will change all triggering to wild. As a plus, there is a simple coin toss as their bonus game that doubles your winnings every correct guess.

  • Madder Scientist

Madder Scientist is another interesting game from BETSOFT with interactive bonus game. There are several symbols that should be remembered in this game; switch, beaker, and carrot. Switch is the wild symbol. With appearance of three switch, a reel will turn wild in a preset number of spin.  Three beaker will pop up ‘Click Me’ feature, which basically let bettors pick a beaker in exchange of prize. Carrot is the scatter symbol. However, appearance of three carrots or more will trigger bonus game where bettors have to help the scientist to make a concoction to be tested on the carrot. Not only there are massive bonuses, the gameplay itself is really fun.

  • Fruit Zen

For those who like simpler games, Fruity Zen is definitely the game to pick from BETSOFT. There’s not much trick in this game, in exception of the wild symbol. The wild symbol, which is presented by Fruity Zen logo, is expansive and allows bettor to get more wins. As a bonus, when the wild hits reel two, three, or four bettors will get free spins. That aside, the game is really simple to play and very easy to win. Many reviewers claim that this game is very loose.

As you can see, BETSOFT offers lots of high quality games packed with exciting deals. Surely, there is no other provider that can release games with good graphics and high RTP rate. What are you waiting for? Try your luck and play in this top slot betting site which can play slot games offered by BETSOFT to get the best winning experience!