How to Get Better Winning Chance in Chinese Fan Tan

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Fan Tan is a unique game that is gaining popularity in both online and inland casinos. Not every casino has it, but it’s never a bad decision to try when you found it. there are also a lot of advantages of online casino. But don’t play the game blindly – here’s how to get better winning chance in Chinese fan tan for more information.

How to Get Better Winning Chance in Chinese Fan Tan

How to Get Better Winning Chance in Chinese Fan Tan

How to Get Better Winning Chance in Chinese Fan Tan

  • Spot Favourable Tables

Before playing, search for ideal tables first. Fan tan can be played up to six players, but it is most ideal to play with four players. With four players, the cards will spread diversely to each player with the equal quantity. Also, tables with too much or too little players will make the game less engaging. Next, sit down and look to the deck. If you are lucky, you will get a favourable deck that gives you more end card that the others. If you can’t get a hold of any end card, don’t bother trying too hard.


  • Restrict Other Player’s Move

The goal of fan tan is to finish first. So, it’s logical to restrict other’s movement. To do so, try using slightly bigger card than the last one laid down to prevent player with a card in between the last card and yours to play it. It may seem like a dick move, but letting the game flow nicely will leave the winner to the lucky. Of course, don’t do this move when you have a card in the range as it will leave you with leftovers instead of winning.


  • Play with Suits You Have Upper Hand On

If you are in possession of a seven and stopper on at least one side of the same suit, take out the seven as soon as the suit appears before you cannot reach it. This way, you can ensure your luck because you will be the one who end the suit itself. Don’t just let go of the stoppers soon after, though. Try to lure out a bit and eliminate the cards in your hand – this will not hinder your strategy because you have the key to stop the suit anyway.


  • Use End Cards as Soon as Possible

This is basically restricting other’s moves, but more in a tighter way. There will be occasions where bettors only have end cards of a certain suit instead of variety of them. In such case, take them out as soon as possible. This move will restrict other players greatly and they will be forced to make decisions they rather avoid. Not only it will give us upper hand, it also works as a good distractor. If there are at least one or two card of same suit in possession, take them out first as they may bother you at the ending of the game.


So, how to get better winning chance in Chinese fan tan? Now you know all the answers. The key here is confidence. As long you possess a stopper, it’s very easy to win. Just make sure to wait for the right timing for the best profit!