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5 Reels Slot Games Advantages to 3 Reels Slot

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Slot is a great casino game which offer easiness to play with. Slot has played since the first casino was built. It is one of old casino game. Of course slot game has developed to a better casino game than before. Below, we will explain about the 5 reels slot games advantages to 3 reels slot for you to be able to get more information about online slot.

5 Reels Slot Games Advantages to 3 Reels Slot

5 Reels Slot Games Advantages to 3 Reels Slot

5 Reels Slot Games Advantages to 3 Reels Slot

  • What is Three Reels Slot and Five Reels Slot?

Actually, number of reels is one of the ways to categorize slot machines. Reels refer to a number of vertical sections which twist to each pull of the lever. Even though there three categories, five reels and seven reels are the most popular in online casino.

However, it does not mean that bettors abandon three reels slot. Three reels is played by those who love modest and simplicity. It occurs because three reels slot is commonly used classic theme. It is contrary with five reels slot which consider as modern slot game. Five reels slot has interesting features especially on the graphic. 3D graphic is one of examples in five reels slot. This feature offer stunning graphic animation which will please your eyes.

  • Theme

Theme is one of important attributes which have effect to attract bettors to play online casino. Of course there are distinction between three reels slot and five reels slot.

Since three reels slot offer simplicity and classic theme, you may get bored after you see at the same symbol over and over.  Grapes, lemons, cherries, coins are the popular symbols in three reels slot.

While five reels slot offer different way compared to three reels slot. Since five reels slot regard as modern slot, this type provide exciting theme. Culture, movie characters, or period theme are the popular example in five reels slot. In example, avengers slot game, a slot game which use marvel superhero as the symbol of the game. Christmas slot game, Asian slot game are other popular slot theme game.

  • Animation

This is a complementary features to attract bettors in slot game. Both three reels slot and five reels slot offer different animation. Three reels slot will bore you when you watch it spinning. It occurs because you watch the reels spin then stop.

While five reels slot have something interesting on the screen. Five reels slot will provide great animation and fun graphic added with memorable sound effects. Of course, it will bring you different experience on playing slot game.

  • Conclusion

Based on the information above, five reels slot game is more attractive than three reels slot. Five reels slot offer exciting features which will attract bettors to play online casino than land based casino. You need to know whether you feel comfortable in five reels slot or three reels slot.

Slot game is a great casino game to gain much cash. Hopefully, information above about 5 reels slot games advantages to 3 reels slot ensure you to spend much time and money in five reels slot game. So do not waste your time to gain much cash through five reels slot game.

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